apparel Inspection

We have been inspecting apparel since 1999. Our employees are specialized in apparel inspections, but also are involved with the inspection of apparel accessories (belts, handbags, wallets and shoes). All garment and accessories are inspected under high fluorescent lights and in a secured location.

Services Provided:

  • 100% inspections of goods for soil, dirt, grease spots, measurements, fabric flaws, incorrect sizes, flubs and loose threads.
  • Pre inspection. We perform pre inspections and are capable of audting any number of garments, etc.
  • Small sewing jobs. This includes removing old tags from inside the garments and replacing with new tags.
  • Trimming and removal of loose threads.
  • Order fulfillment. Receive product in bulk, inspect product, fold, bag garments, label accordingly, place into master cartons for bulk shipments.


package assembly
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