Cosmetic Packaging

We began working in the cosmetic industry correcting vendor issues. Since then we have grown in cosmetic fulfillment and have been doing so for over 10 years. Cosmetic fulfillment is part of our everyday routine. We package a wide range of commodities within the health and beauty field. We also, make sure your product is packed in the safest and the most cost efficient way.

Services Provided:

  • 100% inspection of goods. Sorting for damaged pieces, leaking product, product having incorrect or missing labels, incorrect packaging, misprinting on bottles or compacts, and incorrect volume within a selling unit.
  • Line assembly, kitting products.
  • Hand Assembly, placing product into retail cartons.
  • Over packing into self made jiffy bags machines.
  • Over packing into individual shipping carton.
  • Packing product into Bulk master cartons to ship product to retail stores.
  • Plan delivery schedules to meet open ship windows.
  • Provide shipping documents.
  • Repacking existing packaging.



Retail Packaging
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