Jewelry Packaging

We have been inspecting jewelry for over 20 years. We have highly trained employees that specialize in jewelry inspections. All jewelry is inspected in a fully secured location.

Services Provided:

  • 100% inspection of goods. Sorting for poor finishing, size, loose stones, surface scratches, and porosity.
  • Pre inspection. We perform pre inspections and are capable of auditing any number of pieces.
  • Hand polishing/ Buffing wheels/ Jewelry cleaning Tanks.
  • Trimming and removal of loose threads.
  • Order fulfillment. Receive product in bulk, inspect product, bag and or box product, label accordingly place into master cartons for bulk shipments.
  • Ability to mechanically check for loose stones. Tri-Pac has High Checker DX Machines in both locations.



Jewelry Inspection
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