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SC Warehouse

Welcome to Tri-Pac Incorporated...

Tri-Pac Inc has worked successfully with our clients for over 20 years to deliver approved products and packaging to major department stores, at home TV channels and mail order marketers. Marketing your product on a major shopping channel can be very rewarding. Delivering your finished product for TV can be very tricky. We understand what it takes to deliver finished products within your budget, on time and within specifications.

Tri-Pac Inc can make your product a success by designing, manufacturing, and assembling your product with the most cost-effective packing materials.

As the home shopping channels manufacturing specifications and requirements are the highest in the industry, the quality specifications you must follow are crucial. Some of these requirements that Tri-Pac Inc can assist you in are...

  • Actual Production sample prior to shipping
  • Products ready and delivered weeks before your product is aired
  • Following Shipping Guidelines to avoid imposed fines
  • Product marking and labeling standards for all markets

We also offer a variety of other services. Click here to find out more and how we can assist you.


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